The Process

Driving Lessons For You - Whats Involved?.

The process for learning to drive can be broken down into simple steps. Firstly you want to be legal. Secondly you want to maximise your learning time, save money and do it as efficiently as possible.

Provisional Driving License.

The first thing to do is get your Provisional Driving License. The next thing to do is to get a nice driving instructor.

Driving Lessons For You - Get Out On The Road.

With Driving Lessons For You you get driving lessons and take your driving test in a car that is never more than 1 year old. Your driving instructor could be me, and I remain up to date in the latest training techniques and developments in road safety.

Standard 2 hour or 90 minute driving lessons per week are the most common choice. Two hour driving lessons are very beneficial, especially at the early stages of learning to drive, as it allows for multiple repetitions of whatever we are working on.

Everyone learns to drive differently. My job is to tailor the driving lessons to suit you. Carefully expanding your comfort zone so that you continually progress is my aim. Ideally, in every lesson you will have a sense of achievement and learning. 

Hate waiting? I am punctual and will not clip the driving lesson duration. In fact I often elongate them a bit for free when it is beneficial and I am able to do so. I will not make short notice changes unless its very necessary. Generally I operate a 2 day cancellation policy, for myself and for you.

Pass Your Driving Theory Test Quickly.

Your theory test qualification lasts for 2 years. Don't delay in getting it. Many people learn to drive quickly. However, without your theory test, you cannot book your practical test.

The knowledge you gain from the theory is also very useful in helping to develop your driving skills quicker.

The theory test is not rocket science but don't under estimate it. About one third of people fail. Simply due to lack of preparation.

Only use official links to book your theory and practical tests. There are alot of scam websites out there.  Book your Theory Test Online

Booking Your Practical Test

There are two general philosophies in doing this and your instructor will give the best advice for you.

You can wait until you know you are ready and confident to sit the test. This may cost you a little bit more in preparation but is probably the most efficient plan overall as it makes a first time pass more likely.

Alternatively, you can also book it in anticipation of your continued growth and progress peaking for the test date. This is the most economical choice providing your growth and progress are maintained until the test date. Book your Practical Test Online