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Driving Lessons For You Testimonials - Thank You

It is very much appreciated when people take the time to give a personal review of their driving lessons on Google. Google goes to extra-ordinary lengths to ensure the reviews are genuine customer experiences. Some of the most recent are replicated here. Thank you :)

'It was great to learn with Mark. He make sure that you are ready for the driving test. We went all around on all the test routes, and make sure that you are prepared for the test. He is such a great instructor. It was fun to learn driving with him. Recommend him totally who want to learn driving.

Thank you Mark see you on the road.'

Petra D

'Passed first time with 2 minors!! Being older I was extremely nervous and had no confidence in myself what so ever thankfully Mark did!! I was able to quickly crack the gears and stop start that made me so nervous previously and just genuinely enjoyed driving (for the most part 😂) Mark works with you and will practise anything you feel uncomfortable with! He would be my only recommendation if you are looking for a driving instructor!! '

Natalie B

'Mark is a great driving instructor who made learning how to drive a very pleasant and comfortable experience. He ensured that I was fully prepared for all areas of the driving test, which helped me to stay calm and ready for an obstacles. Some great laughs along the way too! Would highly recommend for anyone looking for a reliable instructor.'

Larissa T

'i had a great time learning to drive with mark very patient and calm at all times, i would highly recommend him to all that i know had great fun learning to drive wasn't as daunting as i thought due to marks very cool manner and the sweets did help xx'

Lizzie M

'Mark is an excellent instructor. He makes you feel so at ease and makes driving fun. Would 100% recommend Mark to all of my friends and family.'

Stephanie F

'big shout out to mark, very good instructor, likes to make learning to drive a fun experience. very professional at the same time which to me is a good balance for learning to drive. will tell you straight but in a respectful manner. would highly recommend to anyone of all ages who are learning to drive. cheers mark!'

William L

'I had a great time learning to drive with Mark and my lessons were always fun. Having felt extremely nervous about driving, he made me feel really relaxed and helped build my confidence behind the wheel. He always took the time to explain anything i was unsure of and let me go at my own pace. I would highly recommend Mark for anyone looking to take lessons!'

Lyndsay D

'Mark is a great driving instructor and made the lessons fun! Always helpful with explaining things and has a fab website with lots of useful info for both theory and practical tests! Kept my motivation high through all my nerves and reassured me. Would definitely recommend him to everyone!'

Kayleigh  B

'Mark is a brilliant driving instructor. Allowed me to learn at my own pace and always took the time to explain things when I needed. Mark always put me at ease and made learning to drive really straightforward, despite how nervous I often was - lots of good laughs too! Would definitely recommend getting in touch with him if you're looking for an instructor!'

Nicola C

'Brilliant tuition, plenty of wee stories to help with your nerves and makes learning to drive much less daunting, can't recommend enough'

Ceilidh D

'I passed first time, thanks to mark he is patient and understanding, if it takes you time to learn, he will encourage you till you get it right. excellent instructor. thanks mark'

Melanie H

'excellent instructor good tips, patient, helpfull if you are struggling with anything so would highly recommend first time pass in less than 6 months :)'

Rachel O

'Great instructor. I wasn't very confident with driving at all but with well set out lessons and generally just being a good guy I passed first time. Mark told me to book my test soon into my lessons so great value for money too! 👍🏽'

Craig B

'Great driving instructor, would recommend to anyone wanting to start driving lessons! Always teaches you lots and is a good laugh to be driving with. 10/10'

Clark M

'Mark was an absolutely fantastic instructor and I thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with him! He's full of useful tips and makes the lessons fun. He even prepared me for more real life situations, taking me on country roads and doing lessons during the night. In the two tests that I did in Paisley, I had covered everything and there was nothing that I wasn't prepared for. I would recommend Mark to anyone looking to learn how to drive!'

Hannah L

Catriona Driving Test Paisley

'Mark was a fantastic teacher! I came to him with 7 years driving experience from the US on automatic cars, and after a less-than-satisfactory experience with another driving instructor here, and right from the start he made me feel comfortable and confident in the car. I had to learn to navigate the clutch as well as the smaller and more winding roads here, and Mark identified those areas (and others) that needed improvement and got to work on them right away. He never spoke in a condescending way when he was correcting mistakes, which really helped to boost my confidence. He kept a calm and light hearted manner, even on the occasion when he had to use his pedals to stop me from making a mistake. I would absolutely recommend Mark to anyone looking for lessons!'

Catriona G

Katie Passing Her Test At Paisley

'Mark is a great driving instructor, very relaxed and informed. He helped me feel at ease while learning which made the whole process very easy. I was so happy when I passed first time, would definitely recommend to all!!'

Katie G

Jeanette Passing Her Driving Test At Paisley

'I would just like to thank Mark for all his help and encouragement, he made the whole process a very positive experience. I chose Mark by reading all the brilliant reviews on the website and would not hesitate recommending him. He has a great sense of humour and makes the whole learning experience very enjoyable. x'

Jeanette C

Nicola Passing Her Test At Paisley

'Mark was great and comes highly recommended! He is very calm in difficult situations on the road and so helpful with every lesson. He uses visual aids and pictures to help you understand how the car works and why you need to do certain things. Along with this you get some decent banter with every lesson! I passed first time all thanks to his excellent teaching :)! Don't look elsewhere, just book Mark!'

Nicola B

Sally passing her driving test at Paisley 2016

' Mark is one of the best instructors out there! He is patient, informative and has a relaxed style which allows new drivers to build up their confidence fast. All my lessons were full of fun, and I passed first time with Mark :) Thanks very much for everything, and for being extra patient with the foreign girl! :) :) :)'

Sally B

Glenda passing her driving test at paisley 2016

' I cannot recommend Mark enough! I was skeptical about starting to learn to drive & didn't think it was for me but Mark was so helpful & has the patience of a saint. I eventually go there & have recently passed my test (2nd time round but first one was my fault). He was always willing to help work on stuff I was struggling with & made it fun. Thanks for everything Mark!'

Glenda C

'I would strongly recommend Mark for anyone wanting to learn quickly whilst feeling very safe and at ease. Thank you very much Mark for helping me pass my driving test.'

Kim C

Debbie passing her driving test in paisley 2016

' I had an amazing experience learning to drive. I can not recommend Mark enough! I was so nervous to start learning how to drive, but Mark made me feel relaxed and comfortable straight away. He is very patient and has great learning techniques which made learning so much fun. Always happy to work on what I was struggling with and made me feel at ease. Was a great experience and I could not have passed my test without him. Would highly recommend him. '

Debbie McN

Hannah M passing her driving test in Paisley

'Mark is a fantastic driving instructor, I can't recommend him enough. He has so much knowledge about all aspects of learning to drive and the test, he is friendly and understanding, and most importantly makes learning to drive a fun and enjoyable experience. I can honestly say that without Mark my experience in learning to drive would have been no where near as entertaining or as memorable, if you are looking for a friendly, knowledgeable, and supportive instructor then look no further, Mark can turn your 'to-do' into 'TADA!' '

Hannah M

Charlene F Passing her driving test in paisley

'I would highly recommend Mark for anyone thinking of taking lessons. i's previously been with another instructor and the difference was night and day! I needed to pass pretty quickly for work and without question Mark took me on and got me test ready in 3 months. He is very patient and also very encouraging, will put any of your nerves at ease, and doesn't even get angry when you try and kill him (Sorry!). He will work along with the speed and way you like to learn and lets you have a lot of input into your own lessons and what you feel comfortable with. He also has lots of interesting stories to share :)! If you are in any way debating which instructor to choose then choose Mark :). I passed first time and it's all thanks to Mark. 5 stars :)!'

Charlene F

Lara B Passing her driving test in Paisley

'I decided to choose Driving Lessons For You because of the reviews I saw when searching for a driving instructor and it paid off, I passed first time with only 4 minors!! I was very nervous about learning to drive but Mark is an approachable and funny guy and that made the learning experience a lot more enjoyable than I thought it would be. Mark explains things brilliantly and provides great hints and tips for driving in a way that you can easily remember. If you want to feel confident for your test and on the road get on the phone to him!!'

Lara B

Amy Passing Her Driving Test In paisley

'Mark is an amazing driving instructor and made all my driving lessons so much fun, even if i didn't let him use his pedals much ;) i can't recommend him enough and i don't think could have passed if it wasn't for him! Thank you so much Mark for getting me through it :) Word of warning though watch out for the haircuts ;) '

Amy C

'Made Learning to drive fun.'

William C

'Mark is a great driving instructor. Patient, funny and always gave excellent explanations. Highly recommended! '

Jack H

'After having a few nightmare lessons with anothr instructor, I was very reluctant to get back into the driving seat... Within the first 10 minutes Mark had me feeling comfortble and more confident to begin driving again, he was patient and calm and very good at his job! I can honestly say that if it wasnt for him i doubt i would have booked my test so quickly! I passed first time only starting lessons in September and passing at the start of December!! oh and i was 8 months pregnant with a very large bump!! he is an amazing instructor and anyone in future i will be directing them straight to Mark! thank you so much for teaching me how to drive Mark you were fab!!!'

Carlyn O

'Well Mark here goes my fabulous review of my overall experience learning to drive with you. Found Mark online after i had been taking driving lessons with another instructor. I had taken around 10 lessons and still felt i had no confidence or driving skill whatsoever. When Mark introduced himself i knew straight away that i had made a good choice because he listened to my worries about my driving ability. He made the lessons interesting and my confidence grew. I even agreed for Mark to make a wee video of me driving which was great fun, especially seeing myself in a santa had and huge glasses in the middle of summer. My family and friends enjoyed watching the movie, then it was down to the serious business of learning to drive. Having Mark as my Driving Instructor was one of the best experiences i have had in my life and cant praise him enough for giving me my independence and the ability to be able to do the job of caring for both my parents. If you are thinking about taking lessons i strongly suggest to give him a try, you wont regret it. Many thanks again to you Mark you are a real professional!'

Linda K

'I was taking lessons with Mark once a week since August, and managed to pass my test first time in the first week of December - I am so thrilled. A very friendly and approachable instructor, and really patient too. Now feel very confident on the roads and can't thank Mark enough for helping me get to this stage. Would recommend to all!'

Julia H

'Mark Is the best driving instructor I have had. In the past I have learnt to drive with two other instructors but found I wasn't confident enough to book my test and gave up completely. It was definitely third time lucky with Mark. He was so encouraging and patient with me, and because of his instruction I was able to pass my test first time! Thank you Mark '

Laura S

'I loved my driving lessons with Mark! He was the Yoda to my driving lessons. Mark is very thorough in his teachings, which helped me greatly as I felt like I had a better understanding of what I was doing while driving. If you're having trouble understanding something he will break it down and talk you through it so you know exactly what he's talking about. He has great patience which helped an awful lot! Simply knowing he would help you through any problems or mistakes while in the car instantly put me at ease during lessons. He encourages you to give your best and to keep on progressing your skills. He also has a good sense of humour and good chat (which always helps when you're behind the wheel!) It took less lessons than i thought it would for me to pass due to Marks encouragement and I passed my theory and practical tests first time, which I couldn't have done without having Mark as an instructor. Thanks Mark!!'

Lewis K

' Mark is a brilliant instructor who helped me pass first time. I would recommend him to everyone! '

Colin P

'A great and fun(ny) driving instructor. Mark helped me pass my exam and highly recommended if you're a looking for instructor. His clear explanations and teaching techniques provided me the support to be a better driver. The lessons were very relaxed and excellent. I'm very satisfied and thought it excellent value for money.'


'Mark is a great driving instructor! Highly recommended. Passed first time and over the moon. Thanks again Mark :)'

Carolyne McN

'Mark is a great instructor. He is very patient and ensures that the student understands exactly what needs to be done when on the road. He made me a more confident individual when driving and has made me feel comfortable behind the wheel. When driving with Mark it didn't feel at all tense, it was a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. I would recommend Mark as a driving instructor for anyone who is looking for lessons and looking to pass as I think he is the best at his craft.'

David M

'Excellent Instructor, made me feel at ease, gave me confidence and as a result passed 1st time with Mark! Would be happy to recommend him to anyone.'

Sharon P

'Mark is an excellent driving instructor that I cannot recommend enough. I was able to pass first time which I couldn't believe thanks to Mark's help. He makes sure to cover everything you'll need and is very patient and calm, even if you're not. I've had an amazing experience learning to drive, and I can't thank him enough.'

Rachel T

'I would highly recommend Mark, to anyone learning to drive or brushing up on their driving skills. As he was calm and patient with me throughout my driving lessons, which helped ease my nerves. The lesson are tailored made for each individual, so that they are comfortable with the rate of progression and have a say in what they feel they need to work on. Mark is a unique driving instructor in that, he creates short video clips to capture your driving experience from your lesson to passing your test. I thought this was a lovely gesture, as learning to drive is one of life significant achieved. The lesson were thoroughly enjoyable, due to Mark's great sense of humour and innovating teaching techniques. This made me to look forward to each lesson. Thanks again Mark :)'

Emma D

'Had a great few months learning to drive with Mark. His lessons were great fun and also very useful as I have just passed my test. He always had great stories to tell and was an all round great guy, but he wasn't afraid to tell me off at any mistake I made which was a great way of battering all the necessary information into me! Would thoroughly recommend to anyone learning to drive.'

Cairan W

'Mark is a wonderful driving instructor! He's very calm & patient and makes driving fun while building up your confidence and gets everything in place for sitting your test. I will definitely recommend anyone wishing to learn how to drive or even just brush up on their driving to go to him! Thanks again Mark! '

Isla M

Louise passing her driving test

'I would like to say a big thank you to Mark for teaching me to drive with patience and humour. He is an excellent driving instructor who made each lesson relaxed and fun, which helped settle nerves and made me feel more comfortable driving. I feel he has taught me not only to pass my test, but how to be a safe, independent driver.


I love driving now and it's made a huge difference to my life. I honestly cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone learning to drive.'

Louise W

rebekah passing her driving test

'I was very pleased with my driving lessons. Mark McMullen helped me achieve my goal though his patience and knowledge. I had previously used other driving instructors but quickly became disheartened and gave up. Mark set out goals for me to reach meaning everything was done at my own pace, I found the book and the questions on his website very helpful. I was a very nervous driver and Mark took this into consideration during his teaching. I would very highly recommend him and have done so to my friends. Choosing Mark will make sure you not only pass your test but that you understand the rules of the road and become a confident driver. Thank you Mark and see you for my pass plus.'


Rebekah L

'Can’t say anything else sept mark is such a fabbb driving instructor. I still can’t believe I managed to pass first time. Every driving lesson I had I enjoyed and looked forward too. Mark comes highly recommended as an excellent well rounded instructor. He makes lessons fun and enjoyable; my two hour lessons would fly in just because I felt so relaxed and comfortable with marks approach to teaching. Always trying to make me laugh and keep me calm, especially reversing round a corner and parallel parking, as my approach was even when I'm wrong I'm right haha. Marks teaching methods helped me so much, talking me through things slowly and showing me how to do them himself. I would recommend mark to anyone that’s wanting to learn how to drive, I can’t thank you any more for helping me mark, your greaaaat!!'

Samantha R

'I Went with Mark after reaching the end of my tether with another instructor and he was a breath of fresh air. I'd been put off driving a bit by the previous experience but he made me feel very comfortable and actually made lessons enjoyable, and I ended up passing my test first time. I'd highly recommend Mark to anyone.'

Rebecca F

Excellent instructor! Loved every lesson, felt at ease from the first lesson to my test day, and passed with only 5 minors :). I will be recommending Mark to everyone I know who is looking to learn. He Injects a lot of humour into the lessons too which makes learning a fun experience (like me taking a lesson in a Santa beard and hat haha).

Peter C

First Time Pass with Mark which completely amazed me. Mark acts as a comforting friend whilst teaching, easing you through each step - however when its 2 weeks until you sit your test and you're making stupid mistakes he wont hesitate to give you a good kick up the arse so to speak. With myself especially, especially as I am still in school - mark was able to use different methods of teaching which were catered to his younger learners which helped in the long run. Now I am a stubborn person, and I absolutely hate it when I'm wrong and as soon as Mark found this information out he always used it to his advantage. Always trying to make me laugh and keep me calm, especially on test day. I'm sure mark learnt a lot from me too hahah! Especially new words! I would Highly recommend Mark as a driving instructor. Thank you again!

Colby R

robert passing his driving test

'I would highly recommend Mark to anyone looking for an instructor. He is professional, honest, and good humoured. At the age of 54 I thought I'd left it a bit late to learn to drive, but after taking Mark's 2 hour introduction on 23 August I felt more comfortable and confident. I passed my test first time on 5 November, so a lot of Mark's advice must have got stuck in my failing memory banks. During the test I knew all the roads and junctions as Mark had covered them all during the lessons. An all round enjoyable experience.'


Robert R

liz passing her driving test

'Thanks to Mark I was able to pass my test on my second attempt! :) I highly recommend Mark as a driving instructor. He made me feel totally comfortable from the very first lesson. Having your first lesson is so daunting, however, unlike my previous instructor, Mark did not push me and made sure I felt totally comfortable before moving on to the each stage of driving. He is more than happy for you to take leadership of your lesson if you feel you need to work on anything specific. Mark is always cheery and he throws in the jokes free of charge :).

Elizabeth M

mags passing her driving test

'I can only praise Mark to the highest when I started my lessons I was a nervous wreck he was extremely patient with me and got me through it he made me feel totally relaxed . I passed second time but that was down to me not Mark I will be recommending him to everyone in fact my other half is going to him in the new year. Thank you again Mark you were fab. '


Mags R

sara passing her driving test

'Would highly recommend mark was with mark for a couple of months and felt like a learned so much and was always at ease when doing my lessons!'

Sara D

georgia passing her driving test

'Every driving lesson i had i enjoyed, from my first lesson to the day i sat my test Mark never failed to make me laugh and he made me feel at ease in the early stages of learning to drive. even on test day when i was extremely nervous he made me laugh and kept me calm. Mark went above and beyond to to make my learning experience good and even made funny video clips in his spare time of me doing emergency stops etc, Which made me and my family laugh. Even when i struggled to pass my theory test he was very supportive and encouraging. As well as being funny and made my experience enjoyable ,he was very professional when he needs to be (like the day before my test). I would recommend mark to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Thanks for everything Mark McMullen'

Georgia S

hannah passing her driving test

'Great lessons :) Really patient and calm so you can enjoy driving as well. I passed so just alround great!

I would definately recommend! Thanks again Mark :)'


Hannah Y

jenifer passing her driving test

'From having no driving experience at all to passing 1st time in under a year I would say that Mark is the driving instructor to go with.


He is patient & anything you want to work on he spends time working on it, if I had to do it again I would still pick Mark & recommend him to anyone.'

Jennifer M

nick passing his driving test

'I highly recommend Mark to anyone who is looking for a driving instructor! Even if you already have one! Change to Mark!


Not just leaving a review for the sake of it, I genuinely feel Mark makes an excellent driver instructor because of his personality as well as his experience and awareness. It is easy to take criticism from Mark as he is genuine and helps you understand where you went wrong in a very constructive manner.


Driving will place a lot of people out of their comfort zone and with Mark you are in the right hands. Plus the conversation is always good, variety subjects, you might be thinking that is irrelevant but it is not if your spending at least 30 hours of your life in a car with someone! I wish you all the best Mark and thanks again!'


Nick K

richard passing his driving test

'Mark is a very clear and direct instructor.


He is good humoured but will push you in the areas you need to work on. I went from beginning like Mister Magoo on acid, to passing on my 2nd attempt.


Highly recommended!'

Richard McK

claire passing her driving test

'Mark is an excellent driving instructor, I felt comfortable in the car with him from the very first lesson. I recommend Mark to any learner driver couldn't of passed my test without him :)'

Claire C

aislinn passing her driving test

'Mark was my 2nd driving instructor after I had failed my test several times. I realised immediately what I had been doing wrong and his technique of tough love is exactly what I needed to pass my test.


He lets you know where your strengths and weaknesses are and makes you work on something until you get it perfect. He is a fantastic instructor but also a great person. You know he genuinely cares about how you do and he can be a great laugh.


He is also always trying to find ways to improve and asked me after I had passed if there was anything I would change about my lessons. I could happily say I would change nothing.


Highly recommended!!'


Aislinn D

dave passing his driving test

'What can i say...except BRILLIANT, and thank you Mark, I PASSED FIRST TIME.


Under Marks Professional And awesome tutelage i felt at ease behind the wheel, and when i made mistakes , his patience and understanding was second to none.


If you want to pass your driving test i would HIghly recommend Mark as your Driving Instructor, the man is a Brilliant at his JOB!!!!

Oh and a wee tip, if you can, do the 2 hour driving lessons, you learn a lot more in 2 hours than in 1 hour, just saying...... '

Dave W

paul passing his driving test

'Can't rate Mark highly enough. Relaxed reassuring with a great sense of humour. Paul Jenning.'

Paul J

gavin passing his driving test

'It was great having Mark as a Driving Instructer. From the word go to the day i passed and cant thank him enough. As a real Professional he made me feel relaxed and never once took me out my comfort zone or made me feel out of place for the mistakes i would make.As he has great patients and sense of humour. And i'm recomending Mark to everyone i know who is going to take their driving lessons. Its a 5 star from me :) '

Gavin B

helen passing her driving test

'Mark has the patience of a saint! Most instructors would have given up on me but mark stuck with it and only reminded me once or twice of how many times I had tried to kill him! I was the student that took the longest to pass (ever I think) but I enjoyed my lessons, mark is funny, witty, he puts you at ease and you can have a good laugh at his eyebrows!! I have 1 corner that I kept taking too fast and mark said "I bet you 1 day you'll take that correctly and you will pass your test" and I hate to say it but he was completely correct (he's usually always right but I had a good few arguments with him trying to prove otherwise) I would highly recommend Mark, if he can get me a pass he can get anyone 1! I am now a confident driver and it is all thanks to him, still sometimes miss my Monday morning lessons now!'


Helen G F

vikki passing her driving test

'If Carlsberg did driving instructors .......... You get the drift, Mark McCullen is possibly the best driving instructor of all time. He has the ability to put you at ease immediately and eradicate any nerves you may have. He always worked his schedule so my lessons where timed to accommodate me. It didn't matter if we needed to go over things once or a million times Mark always had the patience of a saint. He was never patronising or condescending and was friendly and professional at all times. He guided me through my lessons and put me in for my test as soon as we both thought I was capable of passing.


Thanks to Mark I managed to pass with only two minor faults on my first attempt. He filled me with so much confidence that a week after passing my test I bought a car, two weeks after passing my test I did the pass plus, and three weeks after passing my test I drove from John O'Groats to Lands End!!


My only complaint is, now that I've passed I miss him! I honestly cannot recommend Mark highly enough. He is one of life's genuine nice guys and this shines through with the pass rate he has with his clients.'


Vikki F

uzma passing her driving test

'A MASSIVE THANK YOU to Mark who was very patient & has excellent teaching skills. Mark really gave me the confidence and support I needed to pass my driving test in Paisley. Throughout the process he was professional and friendly! Not only did he correct me when I was making a mistake but also regularly complimented me when I done well which helped my confidence ;-). I highly recommend using Mark as a driving instructor! Thank you - Uzma Ibrahim (Renfrew)'

Uzma I

mark passing his driving test

'I highly recommend 'Driving Lessons For You'. Mark provides a personal 'down to earth' service, with lessons being tailored to the individual allowing you to learn at your own pace. I am very happy with the service I received, and the approach was such that any nerves I had quickly dissipated. Lessons are also competitively priced! All in all a great deal!'

Mark T

prescot passing his driving test

'Me and my evil twin took lessons with Mark and we really enjoyed them. Funny, patient and very helpful, Mark is definitely worth recommending. Although my evil twin gave him some hard times and couple of heart attack near misses, Mark's excellent skills managed to identify all problems and eliminate errors quickly, which resulted in me finally getting my driving license.'

Prescot G

nicola passing her driving test

'I needed a driving package that was fast track but without the heavy price tag. With driving lessons for you a custom package was made for me working around my collage and business commitments. With a bit of hard work from the both of us I had past my driving test within four months.

Mark is a friendly approachable instructor who I felt comfortable and safe with throughout my lessons. Learning how to drive is a journey so pick your instructor wisely, Mark comes highly recommended as an excellent well rounded instructor and I looked forward to going out on lessons. What are you waiting for?? Try him out and you will be passing your test very soon indeed just like me!!!'


Nicola K

david passing his driving test

'Mark is very friendly, brilliant and knowledgeable teacher. He got me through my driving test so he must be good. Would definitely recommend'

David M

michelle passing her driving test

'Mark is an outstanding driving instructor :) who caters to every need of each student. He is very professional, who puts his all into getting pass results and achieving an excellent pass rate demonstrates this. Lessons where relaxed, fun and educational! Passed today . Thanks for all your hard work mark much appreciated.'

Michele D

liz passing her driving test

'I have finally passed my test thanks to Mark's help.  He is exceedingly knowledgeable, explains things very clearly and is so patient, which has made all the difference to me.  I thoroughly recommend him to anyone.  Thanks Mark !!!'

Liz G

lewis passing his driving test

'Very friendly and informative lessons, great teaching methods and always a good laugh. Brilliant instructor!'

Lewis M

sam passing his driving test

'I passed first time and I have had a few instructors before Mark, but I made a good decision to try someone new, who was also recommended by a friend. Mark is a fantastic instructor, the techniques that Mark uses for the manoeuvres are great, really helped me to pass and general driving as well. Lesson price is good as well because BSM lessons are normally £24 and Mark does them for £20, adds up in the end to save a good bit of money. Relaxed atmosphere with Mark has made it all the better'

Sam C

jordan passing his driving test

'Driving Lessons For You. The instructor, Mark, was very helpful, calm and friendly. Offering cheap lessons and preparing me for the practical and theory tests. Come test time i was confident and passed first time. Also, its easy to save money on lessons by recommending it to a friend which helped me get more lessons for less.'

Jordan M

greame passing his driving test

'Great big thanks to Mark! Just passed first time and would like to thank you for your seemingly limitless patience and knowledge throughout my lessons with you. Even in my most bone-headed moments I couldn't have wished for better tuition. All the best, Graeme'

Graeme R

masood passing his driving test

'Mark is an outstanding driving instructor whose teaching methods allow you drive in both a comfortable and stimulating environment. Mark always goes that extra mile to ensure that you understand exactly what you're doing, ensuring that learning to drive is done in a fun and safe environment. Even with driving queries outwith test criteria, Mark was more than happy to advise me in the right direction, therefore providing a service to better enhance the driving experience outwith lessons.


Mark is a fantastic tutor and i'm more than happy to recommend him to anyone else.'


ricky passing his driving test

'My lessons went great. Mark was very open and listened when I told him if I was unsure of anything and was happy to work on that area. Passed first time!'


callum passing his driving test

'Mark has excellent knowledge of exactly what the examiners are looking for when it comes to the practical driving test. This was of great help when it came to sitting my driving test, I knew exactly what to expect and was well prepared for all of the roads and areas that the examiner took me to.


Above all though he is a great guy, his jokes and conversation help you to relax when you are behind the wheel. He is very patient with you if you are struggling with a particular manoeuver and offers many tips for calming your nerves when it comes to sitting your driving test.


Mark has all the qualities of an exceptional driving instructor and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to take driving lessons.'


jordan passing her driving test

'In each lesson I was learning something new and stretching my abilities further. Every lesson was different and Mark taught me everything I had to know to help me perfect everything when passing my test. Brilliant instructor, honest and kind.'


pramurtta passing his driving test

'You are excellent. Would heartily recommend you to others. Regards'


justin passing his driving test

'Mark as a driving instructor installs the confidence and knowledge you need to be a good driver on the roads. He also gives good banter whilst you learn.....'


karen passing her driving test

'Learning how to drive made a huge impact on my life it gave me much more confidence and independence so much so I moved city and got an even better job. I never thought when I first started driving lessons I'd be able to pass my test but mark gave me the confidence and helped keep me positive about success'


jennifer passing her driving test

'Testimonial I Should Have Sent In 2010


Hi Mark

Not sure if you remember me. You took me for my driving lessons 30 August 2010-19 November 2010.

You have certainly made a lasting impression on me and my driving skills since passing my driving test almost 4 years ago. You are a fantastic driving instructor who taught me everything I needed to know to be on the roads and now having 2 you children under 2 in the car all the hazard perception and Highway Code comes into effect which keeps me and my brood safe.

I cannot thank you enough for everything you done to help me pass my driving test in such a short few months.

I see you still have my picture from the day I passed my driving test.

Thanks again for everything and the freedom you helped me achieve in passing my driving test all those years ago.

Forever greatful



Jennifer A.