Extended Test

Extended Driving Test - Renfrew, Paisley & Erskine.

An extended test is normally required if you have been banned from driving, your ban has expired and you now have your new provisional licence.

The extended test generally follows the same format as a standard driving test. However it will last about 30 minutes longer and will specifically include dual carriage ways and your attitude to other road users. The extended time allows the examiner to expose the candidate to a variety of driving conditions.

You will be required to perform one manoeuvre from a selection of a turn in the road, left reverse around a sharp or sweeping corner, parallel park and reversing into an empty bay if the test centre has the facilities to allow this.

In addition to the manoeuvre you may be asked to complete an emergency stop. The emergency stop is required in a random one third of driving tests.

A driving test essentially consists of two elements. The candidate must demonstrate that they can control the vehicle safely and also that they are familiar with and comply with the Highway Code.

Most candidates sitting an extended driving test will have accumulated driving experience so their car control may be quite good. Typical areas that need to be polished up often include poor steering habits, speeding, approaching junctions too quickly along with applying an ineffective mirror signal manoeuvre routine.

The manoeuvres will often need some practise as most experienced drivers simply will not have done them in every day driving.

Most candidates will be familiar with the Highway Code. It is important that this knowledge is demonstrated in your test. An example of a common fault could be at STOP signs. Many drivers will not stop completely at a STOP sign when they have been able to see the road is clear. This would result in a failure of your test. Stop means STOP at the line - even put your handbrake on to emphasise it. Then proceed to creep out if necessary.

If you are sitting an extended test in the Renfrew or Paisley areas, why not get in touch and get back on the road ?